Is your offer still clear?

because confused customers don't buy

Your offer is the product or services you 'offer' to your customers. Therefore, it's crucial to have a crystal clear offer so your visitors know how you can help to achieve their goals. An offer exists of different elements that talk about the audience and their problems and desires and ow you can solve it. You also describe your solution and the process and its value. It can be challenging to describe your own services or products, especially when you are 24/7 working on your business. This is why before we design any website, we first offer our experts a positioning process to create clarity.

What is an offer?

An offer is what describes your product or the services that you offer to your potential clients or buyers. Depending on the business and the goal of the website, the full offer might not be the first thing the visitor will see when they land on your website. Instead, your focus should be on the visitor - what's in it for them?

What does an offer look like?

Let's start with what an offer looks like for experts and consultants specifically. The most obvious choice is to lay out everything you have to offer and wrap it in a nice box with a price and call to action button. This isn't the best way to present your services to your prospects through.

When we say what does an offer look like, we basically mean the different elements of what an offer includes. These elements are connected to the pains, desires and needs of your ideal client,  the solution you've created for them and how you solve it. We created a framework that's part of our design process to help our clients create strong offers. This is how it looks like:

Who is your ideal audience?

Describe the group of people you are helping and what they have in common. Research what their deepest pains and desires are and what solutions will take them out of that uncomfortable situation. As an expert, you should know them better than then they know themselves and understand how the impact of their pain is.

Our advice to all our clients and experts is to keep track of this and follow behaviours. In our experience this step often not included and this is impacts the clarity of your offer. For example, we can make websites for everyone but we focus on experts. We cannot know everything from everyone (that's humanly not possible. Our ideal clients are male & female experts who don't have the time, motivation and experience in designing websites or creating engagement website content. Having a website that doesn't look great and performs well or not having a website at all, is impacting their business on the long run. Deep inside they are aware of this but they don't know how to fix it. Here you have a group of people, with common problems and desires and a solution to take away the pains.

What's your value proposition?

This isn't some fancy marketing slang but actually really helpful for everyone in the business. The Value Proposition explains your business by tapping into who is it for, what you are solving, how you are doing this and the solution.

Use the framework below to write your value proposition:

  • I am profile
  • and help audience
  • to achieve purpose
  • through processes
  • with peculiarities
  • of products,

Our Value Proposition is: We are Start Digital, a website design agency and we help experts to professionalise their business and attract more clients through website design combining effective positioning strategy, engaging content and smart design strategies in a 3-step website design framework customised to your business needs.

What is your solution?

By now, you know the exact product or service you need to offer. You only need to write it down so when your ideal client sees it, they want to buy it. This might change over time as you will learn more through experience. Let's have a look at the base.

  1. What problems are you solving? This is connected to the pain point of the audience and you want to make sure that your service actually solves their problem.
  2. What are the benefits? Typically the solution to your problem. Like: save you time, save you money. Talk to your ideal customers to find out the problems that they are facing so when they see your page they connect with your offer instantly.
  3. How do you deliver the product? This is the action and basically what your customer buys. For example, a coaching session, a marketing strategy, an online Yoga class etc.
  4. What's the investment? Often the price you pay expressed in money but also think about time investment for your client and how much do you need from your client to deliver the product or service. We also want to know the payment methods.

Before you launch

Our final advise is to keep track of all the above mentioned. Create versions of you audience and your offer so you can follow what it working and what not. If you already have been working on your business for a while, use this as a reminder to see if you are still doing what wanted. Often experts shift away from their ideal clients of services. Sometimes this work but if not you need understand why where to make changes.

Our solution for experts is a 3-step framework where we go deeper into defining the audience and the positioning of your business. We use these insights to create optimised website text and transform it into a design that speaks your values and is customised to what your business needs. In the end, our clients walk away with a website and a solid foundation that helps to create new marketing strategies and products.

A key thing to remember is that whether you are working on your business for just a year or 10+ years, we live in a dynamic word and so is your business. Things change over time and so is the internet world, your business, your audience plus yourself as well.

Nienke Nina
Founder Start Digital - Website for Experts

With over 5 years experience in digital marketing and design she is combining her skills and knowledge to help experts building a effective digital foundation.