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Creating a website for your business isn't easy. We share why it's important to use website elements and what website elements can benefit your business and how. Enjoy reading and if you have questions about your website, please get in touch wit our team.

What is a website element, exactly?

Website elements are pieces of content on your website. This could be the header on a page, a paragraph, a button or a picture. We can also combine these elements and create elements such as forms, lists and reviews.

The elements best for your website depends on what you want to achieve with your page. For experts who work independently, this means that you want to somehow show your work, your approach, clients you have worked with and offer your services? Maybe you want to create a page where people can place bookings or buy your product?

Therefore, instead of just creating pages it's really important to set objectives before you start working on your website. This step is often missed out on and the same goes for defining the audience and your unique value proposition. Once you have that, you can organise the website content and design. We listed down elements that experts need on their website.

Top website elements for experts & consultants

1. Unique Value Proposition

What is it that you do and who are you helping in a nutshell? Based on this you can create a strong headlines and summaries of what you do.

2. Benefits for potential clients

What's in it for the visitor? It's important to state this clearly and be to the point. Use a bull-it list to make it easy to read.

3. Your services/offer

What are you offering and how is this helping them to get to their desired transformation. Show the features of your product that are important to your prospect.

4. The approach

How do you help your clients step by step achieving their goals? You can show this in bull-it points, columns or a graphic. This also shows that you have a system and knows what you are doing, it gives a professional look.

5. Success stories

Share case studies of your past work. This will not only help your prospect to see how you helped the client but also gives you a professional look and social proof.

6. Social proof

Ask your clients for testimonials and if you can share that on the website. Include the company name, logo or picture. Always ask for permission though :)

7. Add a contact form in the footer

Make it easy for your potentials clients to contact your where-ever they are on your page. You can create a simple form that included first name, email and message.

When your ideal clients visit your website, your goal is for them to think: This expert totally gets me and can help me. I want to buy the product or use their services.

3 steps we use for experts we work with

The 3-step framework we created is specifically focused on bringing clarity around your business, services and the pains & desires of your ideal clients. In the first step, we define so we can create marketing messages and website text that show your irresistible offer that is the solution to your prospects' problem.

In other words, your website will tell your visitors in just a couple of sentences about why your business is the best choice for them. Adding the elements mentioned above creates company credibility and a clear offer. You can do this on a simple webpage if you are just starting out or use more pages. Keep in mind that creating a website from scratch takes time. Tools like and are great but also those tools take time and a lot of energy to do it right. Think about your website as your online business card - if doesn't look good or isn't clear you prospect will walk away.

Read more about our approach here and how we helped experts to build the website they need for there business. If you're interested in a website for your own business of have other questions? Please get in touch with out team via this link.

Nienke Nina
Founder Start Digital - Website for Experts

With over 5 years experience in digital marketing and design she is combining her skills and knowledge to help experts building a effective digital foundation.