Free Audit: How do I improve my website?

An effective website for your business to strengthen your online presence in 2021

3 key improvements for your business website to become more effective in 2021

Engage by answering challenging questions your potential clients might have
Build trust by giving advice on how they can succeed to make them feel like you are relatable
Transform your business from offline to online, so potential clients can always find and contact you

What does the free website audit include?

5-minute video walk-through of your website
We break down what is working well and what you can improve.
A free guide with things to consider specially for independent experts

Who is this review for?

A website audit is useful for professional websites of experts and entrepreneurs that already have a website and want to improve their current website.

This audit is helpful for everyone who wants to reach more people, create a stronger online presence in 2021 and grow their business online. The audit applies to all websites and it doesn't matter if you had your website create by someone else or you did it yourself - you will learn for sure!

Get the most out of your website!

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Do you I need to pay for my website review?

No, the website audit is 100% free and no strings attached. If you have questions about the review of want to improve your website together with our team we can meet on a call. Click here to schedule a free 30-minute call with one of our lead designer. Our team is happy to help!

In our website audit we focus on:

The information provided about your services and how you introduce yourself professionally
If visitors can easily browse through your website and find valuable information about your services, the benefits and if you can help them achieve their goals.
If your website is searchable for potential clients and readable for Search Engines like Google
What you can do to make sure your potential clients have a better experience and what adjustments will attract more visitors

An professional website that works for you

Remember that moment you bought a domain name and created the first website for your business. You might have hired a website designer to build or you created a website on your own.. Let's go back to that moment and think about what your intentions were. Why did you want a website? What were you hoping to achieve?

Now, let's jump back into the 'now'. Did your website help your business? And is your website still up to date? Another important question; is it clear within 2 seconds who you are and how you help people with your services?

We reviewed over 100 websites and still counting. The most important question for each review is 'Does your website reflect what you do in business?'. We look at the effectiveness of your website for your business. We also consider what you can improve so your websites become more valuable for your business. In this process, we noticed common repeating improvements such as a strong and clear message about what you do, the easiness to read the content such as texts and the amount of content. Furthermore, technical improvements like making online bookings or schedule a call, the mobile-friendliness and using headings correctly were part of the 'how-to improve my website' review.

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What our clients say

''Nina's experience both in design and digital marketing makes working with her super relevant as she won't only design a nice website but also have a more global approach about how to use your website as part of your overall sales and marketing funnel. I felt like I could benefit from having a more professional online presence through a professional website however I did not have the time or knowledge to put it together myself. Nina's professional and structured approach helped me expressed the ideas and needs I had to advertise my business online and turned it into a beautiful online vitrine. ''

Pierre Alexandre - Finance Expert & M&A advisor