Why Lou Projects wanted a new website

When Lou Projects started out, lots of interest and projects came on his path through the founders' existing network and Instagram account, His first website for the business was a simple website that did not benefit is his business at all.

However, 2 years later, the Lou Projects team hit a couple of milestones. The completion of two big projects and one award-winning project featured in a respective print magazine led the founder to rethink the online presence of his company. He hired our team to redesign his website from scratch. The project included everything from the Strategy Session, the Value Proposition, Website text, image selection & custom graphics to designing and building.

The Approach

Define first

Starting the Design Process with a brand strategy session was not only helpful for our team but gave the founder also a better understanding of the values and objectives of his company. He is an expert in building sustainable homes and has no experience or background with digital marketing. Prior to the strategy session, he felt overwhelmed but we dismissed this feeling by creating clarity and drafting a plan for his website. This is why we take time to define the project first and focus on what your business is about and how a website can enhance your business.

Considering that his existing network is strong, his objectives were not to get more projects. Instead, he wanted to showcase his work and company values. We also discussed future marketing tactics for Lou Projects and company objectives.

Create with a plan

With the website objectives in mind, we knew exactly the different website elements and webpages Lou Projects required for the website. Our focus for the Lou Project website:

  • Create stronger & professional online visibility with optimised website text and design
  • Build company credibility by showing happy client & partner reviews and logos
  • Showcase ongoing and completed projects by creating a project overview and a project page for each project
  • Show company values by adding a dynamic blog section where he writes about the industry and sustainability.

The next step in the creation process is to write the website text for each page. This text is shared and approved before we start the design process. The text on the is based on the strategy session and matching the values and tone of voice of the founder. Once we found the right tone of voice for the website, we colour it up and create a custom design.

After the Launch

A couple of months after we launched the website, our client hired a SEO agency to rank for keywords on google search and to focus on backlinks. His previous website would not be ready for using marketing tactics like this. For example, it didn't have enough website text, it was missing headings, the pictures were too large and did not have enough pages. His new website however was designed, written and build solid and the SEO Agency could do their job properly.

The final result

By turning his simply built website into a functional website that serves his business objectives, the website has a purpose. Now, his website is his online business card and marketing foundation. He is still active on Instagram and his network is growing more than ever but when people want to learn more about the company, they head over to the website to find all the information they need.

We saved our client lots of energy and time by defining what the website can do for his company.  The strategy sessions also help him communicating his ideas and business values better when posting on Instagram. On top of that, while he was building sustainable homes, we created his website in just a couple of weeks.

Lou Projects

Sustainable customer home builder Andrew from Australia wanted to create a stronger & professional online visibility and build company credibility. The focus was to showcase ongoing and completed projects and enable future digital marketing tactics.

Lou Projects
Release Date:
February 2020

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